Seattle Bar (Day use area only)

If you are planning on a day in the sun then Seattle Bar is the place to go. Past Applegate Dam follow the county road to the intersection of Carberry Creek. Turn left and wind along the banks of Applegate Lake. At the tip of the lake Seattle Bar sits waiting for you to come and enjoy green lawn, picnic areas and great swimming for the whole family. If fishing is your idea of a good time, the willows and reeds at the upper end offer a great place to catch those big trout and small mouth bass.

Elliott Creek meets the Applegate Lake and Stein Butte Trail both offering great hiking. There are restrooms for your convenience and plenty of green lawn to enjoy your stay. For a small day fee where else can you find fun for the whole family. Seattle Bar is the best place to cool off and have a good time.



It's a Great Day
at Applegate Lake!